7 Reliable Ways to Make Awesome Side Income in 2018

I have personally tried all of these…. some may be a good fit for you, some may not, but there are always ways to make good money on the side to pay down debt, student loans, or build the nest egg.

This article contains affiliate links, but I would never recommend something I didn’t believe in!

Make Money Swing Trading Stocks


Trading stocks (more actively than buy and hold) is an awesome way to make side income and grow your wealth. Swing trading is NOT day trading. You do not have to be glued to the computer, you do not need 500 monitors and to quit your day job. Swing trading is taking advantage of short term price movements in stocks. By combining fundamental and technical analysis, having rules, and investing in your education, you can make a great monthly side income. Use that income to grow your account exponentially, and you could be sitting on a good egg in a few years. Most importantly, as I mentioned, is education. I recommend Paul Scolardi, who runs a company called Super Trades. He specializes in busy working professionals, and has more integrity and care for his students than anyone else out there. I personally use his service and returned over 100% in 2017. I will be a loyal member for life.

Sell (or Buy) on Fiverr or Konker


I know, you’re skeptical. $5 at a clip is not going to make you a millionaire. Stop thinking small and short term, go for the end game. Selling gigs at $5 is going to cost you some time and net little income, but the idea starting out is to get reviews. Over-deliver and get your review status through the roof, which will move you up in the search algorithm. Then you can start offering more expensive gigs that can net you several hundred dollars at a pop. There are people who make six figures selling on Fiverr and Konker. For real. Also, you can make money on Fiverr not selling, but buying. If you’re good at selling or conveying value, sell services such as resumes, SEO, graphic design, etc., for a price locally or on your website and go buy the gig on Fiverr to get it done. Outsourcing at its finest. You can buy or sell just about anything on Fiverr and Konker, including professional services, internet marketing, website design, career advice, or even voice-over. I personally have not found my niche with Fiverr, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.


Do Local Tasks on TaskRabbit


Do you have time you could dedicate to changing locks, standing in line, shopping, or putting up Christmas decorations? TaskRabbit allows local taskers to make money at a rate they set themselves for personal tasks like this. People are willing to spend money to get their time back, and it provides a great opportunity for motivated people to get paid. All sales go through the app so the pay is automatic, and pay can range anywhere from $15 – $40 per hour depending on what you’re good at. If you’re not interested in TaskRabbit, just like Fiverr, you can have your tasks done for a decent price to free up more time to work on things that make you money. Here are some TaskRabbit success stories.

Sell on Amazon or eBay


You may think the market is saturated for Amazon and eBay due to the rise of Alibaba and sourcing products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the hustle. You may not be able to build a million-dollar business, but if you could make $1000-$5000 a month buying and selling, would you do it? You can sell your own unwanted items, buy items from Craigslist and resell, buy from Amazon and sell on eBay (yes it works), or find or make your own products to sell. You can go to your local department or clearance store and use the Amazon Seller App to scan the code and check the price it is selling for on Amazon, and decide if it could be profitable for you. You can also use tools like Tactical Arbitrage to scan many different website, and automatically find items that could be profitable for selling on these platforms.

Start a Blog


Blogging is fun, but I don’t recommend doing it for the money. It can take years of hard work to make a profitable blog, but when it does take off, it can be incredible. Michelle from Making Sense of Cents makes over One Million Dollars a year on her blog, which she started as a hobby to track her own finances! Setting a blog up can be easy if you’re fairly computer handy. Bluehost offers blog hosting and domains for as little as $2.95 a month. You can use a service like Popup Domination to capture email addresses, then use Aweber to send an auto response chain or automatically send emails when you publish new blog posts. Remember, building trust and providing value is most important. If you’re selling on the first email or every blog post, you’re doing yourself and your fans a disservice. Getting traffic to your blog is tough, so start with free options like sharing on social media, Reddit, and telling your friends and family about your new awesome venture. You can monetize the blog by selling your own courses or services, Google Adsense, or affiliate offers from a company like PeerFly.

Teach Classes about Stuff You’re Passionate or Knowledgeable About on Skillshare


Skillshare is an awesome platform used to host online courses. You can use Skillshare in many ways to make money. You can relatively cheap courses and learn a new skill, then use that skill to make some extra dough. There are limitless topics covered on the platform so if you have an idea, it is most likely covered on Skillshare. You can also create courses and sell them to students. People are always looking for fun, interactive ways to learn new skills, better their careers, or even step their hobby game up, and are willing to pay for it. Skillshare pays you according to how many people attend you online class, but remember, they’re not live, so once you record the class it can be passive income for a long time. Check out Skillshare now for a great deal on signing up.

Crypto Currency Investing with Coinbase

Now even if you don’t know anything about Crypto’s, you at least know they have been hot lately! I admit, I am not very educated about them, but I am learning. A small investment that you can afford to lose can gift amazing gains. My recommendation is to do your homework. The biggest players in the game are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but other smaller coins like Verge have skyrocketed lately. There are a million reference out there, my my recommendation is to invest only what you can afford to 100% of, and play them like a lottery ticket. If they tank, oh well, if they go to the moon, collect the riches. Here is a link to Coinbase that get’s you $10 for free if you buy $100 worth of Crypto, that’s 10% profit right off the bat!

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