Use the Adversity In Your Life to Your Advantage

Only the strong survive, right? Maybe. Maybe not. People can be naturally born strong willed or assertive, which is a big reason why I hate this saying. Why do I hate it? Because we want to do more than survive. We want to thrive! Surviving makes it sound like we are just getting by, barely keeping our head above water.

So how do you get to the point or thriving, and not just getting by. You need fuel. You need a catalyst that will light a fire under your butt and not only get you moving, but keep you moving. What you may not know if that for most of us who weren’t born with a silver spoon, that fire is already inside of use.

Adversity in your life can be the biggest motivation you could ever imagine. People take seminars and spend thousands of dollars on ways to get motivated, and I can guarantee you that you already have all the push you need burning inside of you waiting to be put to use.

See, life can really deal bad cards. I, myself, can name about a million times that life has beat me with a wet towel and kicked me with heels while I was down. My parents were awful and I had to fend for myself from the age of 16. Maybe you had a family member that meant a lot pass away, you lost everything in the crash of 2008, or you’ve battled cancer.

You have three choices at this point. Not two. Three.

The original two would be to let that adversity beat you down OR to just take it and “survive.” In my opinion, by just accepting the adversity and moving on, you are not taking the full learnings from the experience.

Feed yourself with it. The next time you see that rich college classmate that never had to ask for anything in her life, don’t get mad and envious. Aim to beat them. Not for the sake of having more stuff or showing off, but to show that hard work beats privilege every time. Use the experiences of your childhood to form better relationships or build a work ethic that smashes that of your deadbeat father that let the house go to foreclosure. If you have a crappy boss, don’t just bear it, do what it takes to learn everything there is about leadership and outperform them.

It’s hard to find motivation to do more. To start a business, to work extra hours for the promotion, or chase a dream. But, I’m confident, if you are constantly using the adversity in your life and transforming it into positive energy, your future self with thank you dearly.

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