Career Coaching in Cordova

Looking for career coaching in Cordova ?


Life is a competition. Whether you desire a new career path or want to excel in your current career, I will teach you to stand out from your peers and achieve the career you deserve!


 I want to share with you the exact reason I started helping people with their careers: I was tired of seeing people who didn’t deserve the job get the promotion, especially when there were more deserving people who wanted it. I realized quickly in my life that there was more to getting promoted and achieving career success than just being good at your job. It is a combination of communication skills, leadership, politics, and accountability.

My goal is to find deserving, motivated, and talented people and help them learn these skills so they can achieve the career they deserve. I am confident that good people will find their way eventually, but it could take many years and cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I specialize in giving people a jumpstart and start a new path to career success immediately.

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Here are some skills I specialize in:

  • How to act and talk like a senior leader, before you have the job
  • Making yourself the only option when it comes to the next promotion
  • Becoming a leader that is respected by those above and below you in the organization
  • The art of true ownership and why it is important for your success
  • How to hold yourself and others accountable without making enemies

These are just a few. I’d love the opportunity to work with you and help you achieve the career you deserve.

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